2022 Little Adventurer Gift Guide

2022 Little Adventurer Gift Guide

We are all about giving the gift of experience and adventure.  As a result, we’ve prepared a fun little gift guide for the little adventurers out there.  And rest assured that these were all recommended by the little ones themselves, so they are sure to be crowd pleasers - Enjoy!

1. Craft Feeders

Not only does this kit provide everything you need for a fun and engaging craft activity, but it is the gift that keeps giving as it enables kiddos to better understand animals and nature. When finished creating their work of art allow them to choose a place in the yard they think the birds will enjoy.  They will just adore watching the birds visit the feeders that they played a part in making.

2. Nature Journal

Everyone should have a journal, and what better way to journal than exploring nature through this one created specifically for kids? When given a purpose and excitement for finding plants, animals, and landmarks, your kids will enjoy learning to draw on this illustrative workbook in their own yard or wherever their adventures take them. This brand offers several other options as well that are unique and all centered around exploration.

3. Flower Press

Make those nature walks even more exciting with this kid friendly press that makes preserving nature’s beauty possible. Allow your kids to grab their favorite flowers, leaves, and even insects and press them to take a closer look at with their magnifying glass or for use in crafts.

4. Scavenger Hunt

This set will keep you busy for hours. Take along to the park, beach, camping, or your own backyard and discover nature and the wonderful world around you. The kids will have a blast finding and seeking and you will all have fun making wonderful memories.

5. Force of Nature Tee

Can you think of a little adventurer in your life who is full of energy, unforgettable, and unstoppable; who is strong and seems to come into any space roaring like rushing water between the mountains? Yep, us too! This tee was made for them.

6. Nature Exploration Kit

This kit is equipped with binoculars, magnifying glass, compass, and hands-free headlamp making exploration for the kiddos both easy and so much fun. It's a STEM authenticated educational toy that's designed to let kids go a little wild outdoors and take a break from screen games. Obviously watching wildlife and exploring outdoors is more exciting with cool outdoor gear & bug catching tools.

7. Rock Painting Kit

This arts and craft activity kit is a blast and includes 10 rocks and everything you need to paint and decorate customized creations which glow in the dark. Paint them during the day and then see how they change at night.

8. Bug Vacuum

Yep, this one is a bug catcher. It is aimed at small and light insects like ants and crickets. When kids get out to explore, they will learn about bugs and nature through unique hands-on experiences that will inspire their interest in nature. This toy kit can increase children's awareness of self-learning, and get inspiration and knowledge during play.