What Matters

We want to make a difference, and we are confident that if we stay true to our core values of intentionality, sustainability, accountability, and boldness, we can do just that.

What matters to us:

  • We are committed to eliminating waste and utilizing every opportunity to support a more sustainable ecosystem.
    • We commit to doing our part and continuing to look at and make decisions that support this. A few things you will see include providing a packet of Michigan wildflowers with each candle purchase so that you can repurpose the empty candle jar and be surrounded by nature within your home. Additionally, in lieu of traditionally tagging our pillows, tags that most often end up being discarded, a postcard is used in its place. This provides the opportunity to spread the beauty to loved ones or to repurpose and frame it as art in your own home. Lastly, inside the packaging, we wrap our apparel in recycled paper instead of plastic, to reduce as much waste as possible. We believe that the little things do make a difference.
  • We are committed to our state and our local community.
    • As a small business we want to support other small businesses where possible and/or work with and source from companies within our community and across the state. Where at all possible we source locally and also choose to work with companies that share in our values and with whom we have a good experience. We are confident that we will all be better off as a community and state as a result.
  • We are committed to both helping protect and enhance the land and water we love.
    • This great state and the beauty that it offers means a whole lot to us. As a result, we are continuously researching organizations that align with our values and looking for ways to assist, whether it is through donations or simply brining attention to the organizations or associated programs.
    • A few that mean a lot to us include:
      • For the Love of Water (FLOW) – FLOW’s mission is to ensure the waters of the Great Lakes Basin are healthy, public, and protected for all. The Great Lakes watershed contains 20% of the available surface freshwater on the planet. We are the Great Lakes state after all, and we are passionate about protecting the lakes that give our state life.
      • West Michigan Trails – Their mission is to enhance the quality of life by advancing the regional trails movement. As West Michigan residents who love to explore the outdoors, we fully support their vision to build a world-class trail experience that connects people, trails, and communities.
      • And finally, our Michigan State Parks. Goodness are we lucky to have over 100 beautiful state parks, all unique in their own way, to explore. We take advantage of all that they offer and want to continue to do so.

Now we’re not perfect, but we’re trying, and we are committed to continuous improvement. There are so many opportunities to do better, and that is always on our mind, as we will do the work and make the bold decisions. With your continued support for our small business, we are certain we can keep heading in the right direction!