Hello, Nice to Meet You!

Hello, Nice to Meet You!

Hello fellow nature lover. You may have already read our about us page and got a feel for what Michigan Nature Co. is all about, however, given that this is the first post, we wanted to take the opportunity to share a bit more.

Michigan Nature Co. was created to bring the raw nature and experience of the Michigan outdoors to everyday life. With the hustle and bustle of life and daily routines we were yearning for more of the feeling that took over us on our Michigan outdoor adventures. We sought to find a way and believe that it is possible through what we provide and are hopeful that you do to. While the lifestyle and apparel are at the forefront, the backbone of Michigan Nature Co. and what we stand for are deeply rooted in the following:

Intentionality – Every decision is made on purpose and with careful consideration. Every item has a story. We aren’t creating something because it simply looks nice. We are creating it based on a specific experience or element of Michigan’s nature.  As an example, when creating a recent toss pillow, we took the beautiful rock beaches of Michigan and sourced a specific fabric that aligned most appropriately. We are hopeful that as you catch glimpse of that pillow in your home that you are reminded of your personal experience at a glorious beach made up of rocks and/or inspired for your next adventure. We are also intentional in those we chose to partner with, choosing not only local companies where at all possible, but also those that share our values and with whom we have a good experience.

Sustainability – We are committed to eliminating waste and utilizing every opportunity to support a more sustainable ecosystem. We commit to doing our part and continuing to take a look at and make decisions that support this. A few things you will see include providing a packet of Michigan wildflowers with each candle purchase so that you can repurpose the empty candle jar and be surrounded by nature with your home. Additionally, in lieu of tagging our pillows with a piece of paper that most often ends up discarded, a postcard is used in its place with the image that the pillow was inspired by. This provides the opportunity to spread the beauty to loved ones or repurpose and simply frame as art in your own home.

Authenticity – We are actually and exactly what we claim and always stay true to who we are and what we believe in. When we say every decision is made intentionally or that sustainability is always on our mind, we mean it, and those beliefs are placed above all else. When we are sharing a new item, please know that it has a story; a story that is intended to inspire other stories.

Boldness – We encourage living a life of adventure, taking risks, and committing to making a positive impact through our actions, and will take bold strides to get there. We are all about pushing outside of comfort zones; that is how we learn and grow. So do the thing!

Thank you for stopping by and for your support! We look forward to getting to know you and what inspires you.