DIY Rustic Fire Starters

DIY Rustic Fire Starters

This time of year, as the weather turns creating much cooler evenings, and frosty mornings, cozying up next to a fire is the perfect way to keep warm. These great DIY fire starters will not only get that wood to take flame quickly, but they will also surround your space with a lovely scent.

And here at Michigan Nature Co., we try to avoid waste and recycle what we can, therefore, for these fire starters we’ll use recycled materials from our products and shipping supplies.

First, take your leftover wax from the last of your favorite Michigan Nature Co. candle jar and utilize a double boiler to melt it down. Depending on how much you have, you can also add some additional unscented soy wax to ensure you have enough. To melt, you can use an old regular saucepan as well, just be sure to watch it closely. If you happen to use only an unscented wax, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the melted wax.

Next, grab an old muffin tin and add your materials. We like to tear up our brown kraft shipping paper as well as our honeycomb wrap that we utilize for our candles. And no product is complete without a little nature. Head out to your back yard or go for a walk and grab some twigs, pinecones, and/or needles. This helps create the rustic look we are going for. Break up and add to each compartment in the tin.

Once the wax is melted, pour over each and allow to dry completely.

And finally, pop out of the tin and enjoy!