5 Fun Michigan Winter Adventures

5 Fun Michigan Winter Adventures

No matter the season, Michigan has so much to offer, however nothing compares to its transformation into a winter wonderland. Don’t let the cold weather discourage you from experiencing some amazing outdoor adventures; rather let it inspire you to take on one of these unique experiences that are great for all ages.

1. Try Luge

Ever want to experience the thrill that Olympians feel as they glide down the ice at record speeds? Head to the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex and you can. You won’t break any records at 30mph however you are sure to have a blast. The track one of only four luge tracks in the United States and its one of a kind in that it’s the only kunstbahn track (German for artificial track) made from natural ice and not refrigerated. 

2. Go on a Dog Sledding Ride

Head to Shanty Creek Resort and take a ride with rescue dogs who take you through the property along the landscape of the golf course where you can take in the beautiful views of Schuss Mountain. The experience lasts around 20 minutes. The ride is approximately 1 mile long and you will also get a meet and greet with the dogs complete with a photo opportunity to document this fun adventure.

3. Give Snow Tubing a Try

Sure, tubing behind a boat in the summer months is a blast, but have you ever snow tubed down ski hills? We could argue about the fun factor however you will have to see for yourself. Head to Cannonsburg this season as they just expanded their tubing lanes. Their tubing lanes are services by a magic carpet and ensure that tubers get the maximum laps.

4. Ice Skate through the Woods

Take a scenic skate through a white pine forest and take in the sites. This is another adventure found at the Muskegon Winter Complex. The trail is about a quarter mile long and roughly 5 feet in width. You can skate during the day or wait until dark when the trail lights up for an arguably even more magical experience.

5. Take a Great Lakes Hike

For Michiganders, there is no place like the beach in the warm summer months. Do yourself a favor however and make it a point to visit the shoreline during the winter months. You will be blown away at what you see. The ice formations found along the beaches and covering the 129 lighthouses found in Michigan are some of the most beautiful sites to see. And keep your eye out for blue ice often found in the late winter months; it’s pure magic.

Now go bundle up and take in the beauty that is Michigan’s winter wonderland!